330 Bar & Grill

330 bar and grill is the culmination of over seventy-four years experience in the hospitality industry by four generations of the Tsuleff family.

We have combined three proven concepts into one venue.

The Spaghetti Shop served pasta dishes and family meal-deals in multi-state locations, including Fort Wayne, Indiana. 330 BBQ was developed by our family as a “piggy back” concept to the Spaghetti Shop. Both feature individual entrees, sandwiches, soups, salads, desserts, family meal-deals to go, and an extensive mix and match catering options.

Cocktails Martini Bar was a concept operated by Rita and Mathew Tsullef featuring 150 different martinis in a warm and comfortable environment.

330 Bar & Grill features an extensive food menu as well as beverages including spirits, wine, and beer.

We also offer two events rooms for larger groups. Room one provides seating for up to twenty people and room two provides seating for up to eighty people. Please see our events page on how to obtain information or to schedule an event.